Deforester is a set of php scripts which parse, archive, and display IRC logs. It does not actually collect IRC logs but parses them out from irssi (or with some trivial customization any other sensible irc client).


Deforester consists of 3 main parts; parser, statistic-analyzer and a log browser.

The parser -- parses IRC logs and inserts them into a mysql database. This part is inteded to be run by a cronjob (about once an hour). Depending on your configuration it might make sence to allow mySQL connections from a remote machine .. which is running this script, but there is no reason why you cant run it locally. Note this file is heavily dependent on irssis logging style, a minimal sampleLogFile is provided in package. If you are feeling ambitious it might make sense to turn this part of Deforester into a IRC bot which automatically inserts what is being said into mySQL

The statistics-analyzer runs through the logs which were inserted after last statistical-analysis and calculates all kinds of statistics. Right now it calculates words/lines per hour as well as words/lines per user. This is a cpu intensive and should probably be run once a day.

Browser is a frontend for the logs which allows users to view statistics, browse/search logs, add tags, alias together usernames.


There are many gotchas in this code mainly because it was mostly written in one night without much foresight for possible problems. Non-the less it works reasonably well for me. If you are planning on installing it here are some things you should keep in mind: