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I have been a quake enthusiast for a few years now (mainly quake ]|[). Although I do not consider myself a gamer I do consider myself a quaker d:. The basic quake gameplay is way slow for me so when I first started playing quake I played excessive CTF. The game can be fun when people do not shoot rockets down the hallways (was impossible in earlier versions of excessive quake as they could be configured to blow up in front of you.) but when you have learned every possible rocket, bfg nade and combination jump the game become way to repetitive and your team mates never listen to you (unless you play with clans).

After many weeks of excessive CTF I grew tierd of it. And I started playing a game that is ever faster pased then excessive CTF. H&R(hook and rail), how ever there were very few good H&R server with decent pings, and none of them would stay up for long. Untill I found Vivi's Hook & Rail. That server 0wned I would rarely get pings over 60ms and the people there were awesome.

But then vivi's server went down for a reasons unbeknownst to me. How ever Vivi had written some awesome manuals to how to set up your own server and other stuff. So I took it upon myself. I set up a temporary server for me and my friends to play on, and this is how it has been ever since. Anyway this page is not intended to be a history of quake and me but a rather a guide page to the ultimate player and server configs.

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