Individualism through smiley faces.

If you have ever talked to me online you must have noticed my infamous backwards smiley faces. And I bet you'r wondering whats the deal with that, you'r not the only one. I initially started using backwards smileyfaces when I used AOL Instant Messenger. I resented using this client as I truly hate anything to do with an immoral corporation such as AOL but I did not have much of a choice as too many people who I needed to stay in contact with were using AIM and it seemed a bit illogical to convince a hundred or so people to use ICQ (yes I know AOL bought it up) instead of AIM. I just had to put up with it. Other then just pure hatred towards AOL I hate a few inconveniences in AOL them being (descending order) Banners, Lack of History, Smileys. The banners I hacked with ResHack, the history I couldn't do too much about. Smileys while I could disable them on my side they would still show up for the other person so I just wrote them out backwards so that AIM would not be able to recognize and thus render them. This is how your friends of irony and satire d: and (: came about. And even thought I havent used AIM for a while the practice has stuck with me to accentuate my rebellious side to defy conformity in favor of something clearer and more logical. In other words my individualism d:.