Goodbye GITN

"What the hell is GITN?" You might ask. GITN stands for, and for the past ten years it has hosted my blaagh, dns, email, IRC and more. It has served us well, went through a couple of hard drives but the rest of the hardware has stayed the same. Its pretty remarkable, actually, that it is has not keeled over many years ago. I guess when you have a machine in a nice environment it lives for a long time.

Why the change? Well there are several reasons. Gitn is no longer hosting as many services as it used to. Over past few years spam has grown in sophistication compared to deterrents. That or I've grown less interested in wasting my time on maintaing the deterrents. At any rate, late last year I outsourced my email and DNS to fastmail. IRC ( was also shut down a while back as the IRC network it was part of effectivly disbanded. With fewer services to host, migration has become a easier. But I still kept putting it off. Untill, last week. When my coloc provider had network problems which resulted in twelve hours of downtime, it reminded me that its time to move whats still on gitn somewhere else.

So here we go! Its all going to AWS. I've been using it quite extensivly at work and it has been, just a pleasure to work with. Rather inexpensive, and comes with some great services. It just made sense to move what ever remained of gitn there.

While migrating I'm also simplifying infrastructure, so its not completely trivial and might take a couple of weeks to finish. By the time you read this it will all be in a new place.

LILUG  Server  2014-04-25T23:26:52-04:00